Tegan Goldschmidt

Wildlife ACT Relief Monitor

How fortunate I am to have been given the incredible opportunity to work for an organisation I have spent so many years dreaming to be a part of. An organisation which is making a considerable difference each and every day in the conservation and preservation of some of the world’s most rare and endangered species. I grew up in Johannesburg where I always felt out of place, and I knew that I truly belonged in the outdoors.

After finishing school, I decided to complete my Diploma in Nature Conservation at Nelson Mandela University in the Western Cape. Thereafter, I completed my Bachelor of Technology in Game Ranch Management. Being able to complete these two qualifications opened my eyes to what real conservation is about and has given me opportunities to work in northern Botswana and in the northwest of South Africa. Each day that I have grown and matured as a conservationist, I realise more and more that we have a crucial duty and responsibility to protect these unique and special species. I am so grateful to be able to spend every waking moment dedicating my life to something I am so passionate about.