Wesley Price

Priority Species Monitor: iMfolozi

Ever since I started to fall in love with nature and the outdoors at a young age, I knew that my heart would lie in working in the conservation industry. Numerous family trips to different reserves throughout KwaZulu-Natal during my younger years made me realise the potential I have to make a difference in the life of our endangered and threatened species!

After completing my diploma in Nature Management through Centurion Academy, I  soon explored different conservation career paths. In 2022, I had the opportunity to gain great experience and work at a prestigious Safari Lodge based in the Greater Kruger Region for five months, but it wasn’t until I applied to be a Priority Species Monitor for Wildlife ACT the following year that I knew this is what I was destined to do!

I have since had the opportunity to work on Somkhanda Game Reserve, focusing on the monitoring of African Wild Dogs as well as our precious Rhinos. I am now grateful to be working on iMfolozi as a Priority Species Monitor, a place I used to call my second home when growing up.