Zama Ncube

Community Conservation Manager

I grew up next to a game reserve and listened with fascination to the stories my granny shared about the bush as well as the stories my dad brought home from his job on the reserve. But the decision to become a Rhino Monitor came to light when I was lucky enough to help with the introduction of Black Rhinos to a game reserve as part of the WWF Black Rhino Expansion Project. This was the first time I had spent so much time with these animals, and all I could think about were the stories my granny used to tell me. So the love that I had for a long time growing inside of me from granny’s stories came true.

Being a Rhino Monitor is most definitely a calling. The duty falls on you, every day, to make sure that all of the Rhinos within your care are safe, alive and well. All that you think about as a Rhino Monitor is how you are saving the world from losing its beauty to the hands of criminals. The future of Africa depends on the survival of animals such as the Rhino.

Wildlife ACT’s Community Conservation Liaison’s (CCL’s) are well-known and trusted in the communities, where they work tirelessly to raise and maintain support for wildlife conservation.