2OceansVibe launches the GOOD VIBES Charity Bracelet

We are thrilled to be one of the beneficiaries of the GOOD VIBES Charity Bracelet.

2oceansvibe Media and Uwe Koetter Jewellers have teamed up to produce this awesome bracelet and to give support to their three selected charities in South Africa. The Wildlife ACT Fund, The Homestead and Green Futures are the three charities that will be receiving the proceeds from these beautifully crafted accessories.

Good Vibes Charity Bracelet

We are the Wildlife ACT Fund and the proceeds will go towards conserving and monitoring endangered species such as rhino, wild dog, cheetah, leopard, lion and elephant. All these species are struggling to maintain their populations due to poaching and diminishing habitats.

The Homestead (Projects for street Children) is a non-profit organisation that aims to get children off the streets and help them to rebuild their lives. This project realizes that there is no one solution to children who live and work on the streets so they have developed a variety of programmes to help these children.

Green Futures is a project started by the Grootbos Foundation. It is a Horticulture and Life Skills College for the unemployed members of the local community. Giving people the skills to uplift themselves is the a basis of a bright future.

GOOD VIBES charity bracelet

GOOD VIBES charity bracelet supported by Bob Skinstad, Pieter Dixon, Stuart Abbott and Jack Parow.


Each GOOD VIBES charity bracelet costs R190.00 of that R100.00 will be split evenly between the three charities. If you pay R200.00 in cash you will receive R10.00 change. The R10.00 note has the face of a rhino on it – a reminder of those who will be receiving your help.


You can get your GOOD VIBES Charity Bracelet Here >>> http://goodvibescharity.co.za/

We would like to say a big thank you to 2OceansVibe and GOOD VIBES for including us in this fabulous initiative.