5 easy ways to give back to conservation this Christmas

Give an original green gift this Christmas and donate to the Wildlife ACT Fund’s conservation initiatives.

Instead of giving a material gift to your loved ones, why not make a donation to our wildlife Fund in honour of the receiver. We’ll even create a personalised certificate for each donation! With so many threats to South Africa’s wildlife, such as rhino poaching, and hundreds of causes to support, it can often become overwhelming. That’s why we are making it as easy as possible for you to help us to save South Africa’s endangered species this festive season with the Wildlife ACT Fund.

Neil Aldridge Wild Dog

Wild Dog adult and pup. Photo: Neil Aldridge

1. Buy a Woolworths reusable shopping bag

The brand new ‘Caught in the act’ shopping bags have arrived in stored just in time for Christmas 2013! Grab the latest reusable shopping bag from your local WOOLWORTHS store and support our vital camera trap initiatives. You can also use the new bags to wrap your Christmas gifts! It’s a great way to show that you care about conservation this festive season. #GreenChristmas


Woolworths Caught in the ACT reusable shopping bag

The latest reusbale shopping bag from Woolworths supporting the Wildlife ACT Fund.

2. Corporate gifts that make a difference

Give a ‘green’ gift to your employees this festive season. A great way to thank your employees this year is by making a donation to a reputable conservation organisation such as the Wildlife ACT Fund. We’re happy to create a personalised Christmas themed donation certificate for each of your employees. If you’d like to donate to a particular cause, such as rhino conservation or wild dog conservation, we can happily assist you in this regard.

Contact Christie: christie(at)wildlifeact.com

3. Adopt a Wild Dog

Help Wildlife ACT track all four remaining Wild Dog populations in KwaZulu-Natal by sponsoring a brand new satellite tracking collar. There are less than 450 Wild Dogs left in South Africa, making them the most endangered large carnivore in southern Africa.

Option 1:

  • Purchase a state-of-the-art tracking collar
  • Sponsor the monthly data download

You’ll receive:

  • Monthly updates of your African Wild Dog and its movements
  • Map of the Wild Dog’s movements
  • Name of company logo on Wildlife ACT Fund’s website –http://www.wildlifeactfund.org

Option 2:

  • Sponsor the monthly data downloads

You’ll receive:

  • Monthly updates of your African Wild Dog and its movements

For more information, please email: christie(at)wildlifeactfund.org

Wild Dog snare - Wildlife ACT's cole du plessis

Wildlife ACT monitor, Cole Du Plessis, carrying a sedated Wild Dog.

4. Wildlife ACT Fund’s wish list for 2014

The Wildlife ACT Fund has a pretty extensive Wish List for our conservation efforts. We’ve prioritized a few items that are essential for our conseravtion projects to continue next year. Any small donation will make a huge difference so don’t feel that you need to donate the entire amount.  To donate, please visit our secure donation page on GivenGain.

Wildlife ACT Fund’s Conservation Wish List 2014

  • Vulture backpacks: R5 000 each
  • Transmitter: R3 000 each
  • Rhino GPS collar:R10 000 each
  • VHF collar: R3 000 each
  • SAT collar: R40 000 each
  • SAT collar data download: R1 300 per month
  • Vet cost: R7 000 per day
  • Chopper cost: R7 700 per hour
  • Telemetry set: R10 000 per set + R300 per cable + R2 000 per antenna
  • Conservation Community Project Wish List

I want to donate! Take me to GivenGain!

Wildlife ACT Fund In-school conservation lessons

Wildlife ACT Fund In-school conservation lessons

5. List the Wildlife ACT Fund as your My Planet beneficiary

Choose Wildlife ACT Fund as your Woolworths MySchool/My Planet beneficiary! Change your current supporter profile to the Wildlife ACT Fund by calling the MySchool/MyPlanet call centre on 0860-100-445. For South African residents only.

Dr Simon Morgan, White Rhino, Wildlife ACT Fund

Dr Simon Morgan of the Wildlife ACT Fund with a tranquilised White Rhino.

We are all custodians of this beautiful planet that we call home and it is, therefore, up to each and every one of us to ensure that we respect, value and protect it. By working together we can ensure that species such as black rhino, African painted dogs, cheetahs and vultures are conserved for generations to come.

To all our supporters and animal lovers out there, have a safe and happy festive season !

For more information about the Wildlife ACT Fund, visit the website.