Farewell Paule Garnero

We recently saw the end of an era. Ms Paule Garnero, the most audacious, tempestuous and dedicated conservation monitor Wildlife ACT has ever had, has returned to her home country of France. After being with us spanning a period of over 3 years in South Africa, this one and only full-time in-house volunteer and firebrand imbued with oceans of passion for Tembe Elephant and in particular the Tembe pack of wild dogs and the alpha female Poofy, went for her last evening session last night.

Tembe Paule Garneo Wildlife ACT

As per request (because she has earned it) we went looking for the pack. As usual – Tembe didn’t let us down. On route we came across two beautiful sub-adult lions on the road (male and female) and after a few snaps we left them in our dust (not due to rapid speed but the approach of Autumn) and found the dogs not far off.

They rallied around the vehicle before disappearing in the direction of the lions. We found them on the fence line exactly where we last saw the lions and they lay on the road savouring the cool breeze – but skittish due to the smell of nearby feline enemies. During this time, they flushed and chased a grey duiker, messed around with an elephant bull – and then bolted when the lions came back in sight. Reveling in this wonderful theatre – we headed home to promptly find a leopard taking her mid evening stroll – something rare to find in Tembe Elephant Park.

Tembe Wild Dogs Tembe Wild Dogs Tembe Wild Dogs Tembe Wild Dogs Tembe Wild Dogs

A great end to a great time – and Tembe will for ever be different due to Paule’s presence. Thank you for the years company, hard work, and dedication to the cause. We wish you all the best in France and/or Guadeloupe (It really exists) and know that your mark has been left on this tiny piece of the African bush.

Bon voyage!