German and French African Animal Names


We are the three current wildlife volunteers on the ‘Somkhanda Esikhotheni Zimanga Leopard Survey’ in South Africa. Germans and French are united in one team. From our own experience, we have been struggling, from time to time, with African animal names. So, if you’re planning to come here, you should check out the list we made for you with all the important animals.

Pick your language in the below list of African animal names…

We have also added Zulu to the list of African animal names so you can show-off when you’re here!

Leopard Leopard Leopard Ingwe
Buffalo Buffle Bueffel Inyathi
Elephant Elephant Elefant Indlovu
Rhino Rhinoceros Nashorn Umkhombe
Lion Lion Loewe Ibhubesi
Giraffe Girafe Giraffe Indlulamithi
Cheetah Guepard Gepard Ingulule
Wild dog Chien sauvage Wildhund Inkentshane
Zebra Zebre Zebra Idube
Warthog Phacochere Warzenschwein Intibane
Aardvark Orycterope Erdferkel
Porcupine Porquepic Stachelschwein
Hippo Hippopotamme Flusspferd Imboma
Millipede Mille-pieds Tausendfuessler Schongololo
Vulture Vautour Geier Inqe
Snake Serpent Schlange
Ostrich Autruche Strauss

And if you’re still not sure if you want to come here, just take a look at these three little guys waiting here for you!

Leopard Survey

Written by Marion Allais, Anne Weinhold and Vincent Leckebusch
Photos of the animals are from the Somkhanda Esikhotheni Zimanga Leopard Survey cameras and the photo is of the three of them.