How to carve a Wildlife ACT African Halloween pumpkin

29 Oct 2012 |

A lot of our international conservation volunteers will be celebrating Halloween while they’re with us in Africa and creating fantastic wildlife pumpkins. For those of you who are hankering after Africa and would like to “Africanise’ your Halloween, here’s how you can do it.

We’ve got a great logo that’s simple enough to carve into your Halloween pumpkin this year. Show your support for African Wild Dog conservation and share your Wildlife ACT Halloween pumpkins on our Facebook page.

Instructions to carve a Wildlife ACT African Halloween pumpkin:

Basic pumpkin carving kit: knife for removing the lid and scraping, scissors and a pen

1. Print out the Wildlife ACT logo
2. Tape the Wild Dog logo to the empty pumpkin
3. Trace the design by using a pen to poke small holes around the shape (the more holes you make the more clearly you’ll see the design when you remove the paper.)
5. Carve a silhouette – carve out the “negative space” around the Wild Dog’s shape, then carve out features like eyes or a mouth. You’ll end up with a circle of light around the dark shape, with lighted details.
6. Pop a candle and watch the Wild Dog illuminate!
7. Share it with us on our Facebook page.

Or watch this video to help you with the process:

History of ‘Halloween’:

Halloween is a yearly holiday celebrated around the world on the 31st of October , the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows. According to some, All Hallows’ Eve was originally influenced by western European harvest festivals and festivals of the dead with possible pagan roots, particularly the Celtic Samhain. Others maintain that it originated independently of Samhain, and has Christian roots.

The American tradition of carving pumpkins is recorded in 1837 and was originally associated with harvest time in general, not becoming specifically associated with Halloween until the mid-to-late 19th century.

Wildlife ACT logo

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