Spotted Hyenas seen in Tembe Elephant Park after a 10 year absence

18 Jul 2012 |

Spotted hyenas seen in Tembe Elephant Park after a 10 year absenceOn the 17th July 2012 our conservation volunteers in Tembe Elephant Park (Paule Garnero, Pam Morris, Robert Shore and Brian Gunn), witnessed a remarkable discovery.

Conservation volunteer Robert Shore snapped this picture as proof that Spotted Hyenas still roam Tembe Elephant Park! The last official sighting was in 2002 by field rangers, and we came across two in fading light in February 2012 – but without any photographic proof.
Ecologists in Tembe are abuzz with excitement, as we can now confirm they are still here. It also leads to the probability that the Brown Hyaenas could also still be roaming Tembe in silence and unseen. 10 years is a long wait!