Alina Mey (Germany)

03 Feb 2022 |

I was totally overwhelmed by the kindness of both our monitors as well as our volunteers, who all had a passion for conservation, the bush, and also people. The monitors are definitely a make-or-break point for having a good experience. They taught me everything I could absorb about the bush, introduced me to reserve management, and also brought me closer to South African culture, habits and food. Due to them, I had the best experience I could have hoped for with Wildlife ACT and feel like I could really contribute to conservation. We had an excellent time. The monitors know the area and the animals’ behavior insanely well. I was positively surprised how considerate they are with respecting the animals and their individual needs, e.g., do not get too close, do not interrupt when hunting. I do feel like Wildlife ACT makes a significant contribution towards conservation.