Angela Heekmann (Germany)

03 May 2022 |

I wanted to volunteer for many years. I really can say, it was the best decision of my life to do this. It was an amazing experience and a pleasure to join the monitors in the field and to work with them. It was great to meet such wonderful and passionate people (the monitors and also the other volunteers). The work of Wildlife ACT is incredibly important. There were many highlights… Tracking the animals (above all the wild dogs) was awesome. We had some great sightings of the dogs, Elephants, Rhinos, a Leopard, Cheetahs, even Crocodiles, Vultures and so much more. Being around when they managed to get a pack of Wild Dogs back into the reserve, was such a pleasure. But also the evenings in the camp, listening to the monitors and their stories, learning about the animals… everything was perfect! Both our monitors were awesome. Friendly, helpful and always fun. They both live their whole life for the animals and their protection. It was a pleasure to meet them, to learn from them, and to help them with their daily work. I enjoyed everything, even the bad weather days 😉