Bill Duncan

23 Dec 2019 |

My experience with Wildlife ACT exceeded expectations; and I was expecting (or at least hoping) for a lot. The monitors were personable, helpful, knowledgeable and professional. The opportunity to accompany the monitors on the vehicle each session, and to assist with locating the wildlife, was amazing. The experience was enhanced significantly by the generosity of each monitor in explaining what we were seeing or doing and by taking the time to allow us to absorb the countless magical encounters. Truly memories for a lifetime.

The quality of the fieldwork experienced by the volunteers is determined by the expertise and energy of the monitors. Wildlife ACT seems to have assembled an all-star staff who appreciate the opportunity to share Africa with people from around the world. Because I was not familiar with Wildlife ACT, my initial contact was with the purpose of trying to develop confidence in the legitimacy of the organization. I found Bronwen very helpful in working me through the process. The Tembe Elephant Park research camp accommodations were also very comfortable, safe and easy to manage all daily living routines.

Thanks go to the monitors who shaped the entire experience so positively.