Deborah Tighe – September 2014

06 Sep 2014 |

“I’ve had an absolutely brilliant month volunteering with Wildlife ACT in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa!

The projects give an excellent intro into conservation issues over there, and certainly changed some of the views that I’d held through ignorance for a long time.
Thanks to Clinton for being so passionate and informative about Lions, whilst always drawing our attention to a myriad of other creatures ,critters and plants, that are so very important in themselves, and to each other. You manage to be professional ,laid back and an excellent ‘people’ person, with such ease!

Thank-you Leonard (Ezemvelo) for imparting your knowledge about Tembe Elephant so well. I wish we could have had more time! And thanks also for being able to reverse 3km in sand, at top speed…. Oh and then there’s that dessert………..

Thank-you Craig for being both informative and fun, as well as an excellent host, and all that despite the wisdom teeth removal! Watching the vulture being tagged and camera backpack fitted was awesome! I wish you the very best.

Thank-you Megan for being so caring and passionate about African Painted Dogs I wasn’t fortunate enough to see a pack in the wild till my last few days, and your enthusiasm made the 2 sightings great!

Thanks Marumo for coming back and being such good fun, I’m sorry that I couldn’t know you for longer. Many many Thanks also to Bronwen, and Rebecca, for all their help and Taryn for everything including the braai!

I’m missing the noises of the bush at night terribly already!”