Deon Appelcryn (South Africa)

10 Oct 2019 |

I absolutely enjoyed my time here. I came for a learning experience and to improve on a few of my skills, which the monitors were happy to help with. Wildlife ACT are a great team, work so well together, and really are a great bunch of people! Nice to have everyone join in and feels like one big happy family.

Seeing African Wild Dogs for the first time in their natural environment blew my mind. Learning their behaviour and learning tracking was the best thing ever. I have learnt more than I ever would have thought. It’s very different from what you read or documentaries you watch. Seeing the puppies and tracking them to the new den, was something I don’t think many people get to see first-hand.

Again, our monitors were absolutely awesome! They went out of their way to make us feel welcome and shared so much knowledge and gave as much time for us as needed. They are true conservation rock stars dedicated to the max, which is inspiring. I would come back again as many times as I can based on the above, and knowing that we helped with making a difference and were part of something truly great. I would recommend this to everyone.