Erick Gonzalez Rodriguez (Mexico)

11 Apr 2018 |

An absolutely enriching experience. It is not only about helping on-site and enjoying watching animals, it is about getting involved in this real problem of conserving endangered animals; about contributing to preserve their habitat; about learning with experts what the major issues facing conservation are and why. And probably a factor of utmost importance: about spreading the word and raising awareness. Species are disappearing from their habitats because of human activity. Although there are many ways of contributing to wildlife conservation, it has been exciting working with Wildlife ACT and Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife – two of the organisations tackling the many problems facing the threatened and endangered species of South Africa.

Being in the field monitoring various priority species daily, we are exposed to mind-blowing wildlife experiences. The contribution of a volunteer may appear small at first glance, however, overall this contribution adds up day-by-day, with the monitoring team providing invaluable information to help maintain the equilibrium of the whole ecosystem. This includes endangered and non-endangered species, their habitat, and ultimately protecting them from the threat of extinction.