Gilbert Bate-Charlton (Australia)

17 Feb 2020 |

Unreal. I have made new friends for life. This has literally given me a new lease on life and really helped me to visualize what I want to do with my life. I enjoyed that my work around the camp didn’t go unnoticed. Maintenance around the camp was good as it kept me busy during the days. I will genuinely be coming back. Our monitors were welcoming and have a wealth of knowledge. They kept us on our toes and also kept us in tears of laughter throughout the two weeks with their stories from over the years.

I will also definitely be suggesting the experience to family and friends. Everything way exceeded my expectations. Everything was very clear, organised and smooth sailing. The accommodation is everything you need. Field work was unreal. Taking daily turns allowed it to be shared around and didn’t make it become boring. Was also good to learn more about genuine tracking and not just telemetry.