Judith Perino (United States)

19 Nov 2018 |

If you have a burning desire to be of service and play a small part in conservation efforts for the wildlife in Africa, then volunteering with Wildlife ACT is for you! I spent one month this year in two camps, Tembe and Hluhluwe, located in the Zululand. These two camps are in two distinctly different areas and terrain and greatly broadened my perspective of the work being undertaken to monitor and protect various priority species in different circumstances and habitats. The Wildlife ACT website offers very clear and complete descriptions on the volunteer experience – the activities,  participation, camps, and the accommodations to be expected. So, really, the only surprises there will be, which can be absolutely amazing, are the encounters to be experienced in the bush while out on monitoring sessions, observing wildlife, recording data, and sometimes very up-close encounters with any number of species. Each and every day is a completely new experience!

Days can be long, but the rewards of this experience will last a lifetime. I have made new life-long friends that share my passion for conservation and deepened my love of Africa and my resolve to do whatever, in the small way that I can, to make a difference. Wildlife ACT affords a meaningful hands-on participation opportunity to do just that – make a difference! So, if protecting endangered species is important to you, look no further. Wildlife ACT is a wonderful organization run by committed and passionate conservationists, and will be a life-enriching experience for anyone of any age.