Kat Donegan – USA, Sept 2009

06 Dec 2013 |

I’m finding it very hard to try and sum up my overall experience as I took so much away from the trip with Wildlife ACT, so it’s very hard to sum it up! I absolutely loved my trip to South Africa and I’m very glad I decided to gowith Wildlife ACT, as I experienced things I believe I would not have encountered if I’d chosen another company. To be able to have the hands on and close up experiences was truly life changing and it has made me re-think my future, as I was planning on working within a zoo environment, but now I would relish the opportunity to do research in the wild, especially in South Africa. One of my favourite moments was seeing the lion cubs and wild dog pups so closely was absolutely unforgettable. Also, meeting an array of different people who work for Thanda and Wildlife ACT, and feeling part of the team so quickly, as everyone was very welcoming.