Kelly Patri (United States)

25 Sep 2019 |

From day one I knew this would be one of the best experiences of my life. And after only one week of volunteering with Wildlife ACT, I found that it absolutely was! Learning about the beautiful animals and flora, viewing the stunning landscape, working as a team with my fellow volunteers and monitors, and knowing it all makes a difference for the animals, environment and our earth, were things I never imagined I was capable of.

Every effort we made in every task we were given, was all so meaningful, and at the same time bonds were forming with each other and to the wildlife. We all grew more than we ever thought we would from this experience. Any trepidation or fear I may have had about joining Wildlife ACT disappeared on our very first monitoring session. I am in awe of the monitors and my fellow team members, and so very proud to have been a part of the work that is being done by Wildlife ACT in conservation, preservation and education of these gorgeous creatures that we cannot lose.