06 Nov 2023 |

Amazing! I learnt a lot about different wildlife and the ways of tracking and monitoring them. It was very insightful and awe-inspiring. I have never volunteered with wildlife ACT so it is hard to judge if my expectations for the field work were perfect. However, I had an amazing time and learnt a lot, which I think proves that the organization is well-structured and really cares about the work they do. I found the accommodations to be quite peaceful.

You can’t change the way the animals behave. If they want to stay hidden, they will. We had trouble seeing the Wild Dogs because they were in the bush, but that isn’t the program’s fault. There is no guarantee that you will see everything you want or that you will participate in every aspect, but learning and trying to make a difference is one of the most rewarding things. As long as you are taught how to use the equipment and what is going on, that is enough in order to help.