Maria Gomez – August 2013

06 Jan 2014 |

How was your overall experience with Wildlife ACT?
This is my last reserve, I’m so sad! My overall experience has been amazing, it was all I ever wanted, learning all the importance of taking care not only environmentally speaking, but also the attitude you have with all the people that work with you. I feel really blessed for having this opportunity, be a part of a conservation project which is working really good!!

Did you feel you made a contribution to conservation through our monitoring programme?
Yes I have. Being able to monitor wild dogs (which have become one of my favourite wild animals now) has been amazing, the way all monitors take care of them and show their worries and passion for their job it’s absolutely wonderful, having the chance to work with them and spread all of this feelings to us is what makes it even more beautiful.

Was there something you did not like?
I think in overall I liked everything about this company and how does it work. Although, people (other volunteers) make a lot of difference and in this reserve I was unfortunate to be with some people that didn’t feel interested at all about the project and moaned every chance they had,  that is really frustrating because it makes it a little bit difficult to enjoy it.

What was the highlight of your time with us?
I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been in this reserve! I’ve been in 2 black rhino captures by airlifting, 1 lion call up and 1 wild dog collaring. Amazing!!