Milena Orłowska (Canada)

31 May 2022 |

This was probably my best time ever – an amazing experience. I’m extremely sad that it came to an end. I wish I could make it a yearly tradition to come back and volunteer from Canada. I joined all possible social media pages to get updates. Every day I’m wondering what the animals have been up to this time. I’ve been also considering how I can help from abroad.

It’s so hard to select one specific highlight… I’ll have to provide two. 1) The Wild Dog pack reuniting after 3 days of dispersal and several attempts to call each other over a couple of km. 2) A call-up operation with the Wild Dogs, leading us to witness the unexpected kill of an Impala, a hunt after a herd of 60 Buffalo, and the stalking of a Wildebeest – all within 30 minutes (play and rest included) 🙂