Pedro Marques João (Portugal)

15 Apr 2021 |

It exceeded my overall expectations. All the members I came across were very helpful and prompt with answering any questions and it was overwhelming to assist and experience in the field the high quality and professional work done by Wildlife ACT for the conservation of endangered species. It’s very comforting to know I was a tiny part of a real conservation project. Everything was very clear and the information you provided with pre-booking is very complete. My main difficulties were related with getting a Covid test for my return trip, but even that was sorted out with a couple of emails.

Having in mind the true purpose of the project and the fact we are here to be volunteers and not on vacation, the accommodation was good. Our monitor (Jarryd) was very professional and fully dedicated to the conservation cause and his monitoring job. It was amazing to see such a young person, so worried about the animals, skipping meals, breaks, hours of sleep, just to make sure they were safe. He also keeps a good relationship with other park professionals, such as rangers, vets and park managers.