Robin Shepard, Feb 2013

06 Dec 2013 |

“To the Wildlife ACT Team,

Just back from an incredible two-week stay at uMkhuze Game Reserve, I find myself grateful for an amazing adventure and already wishing I was out in the bush again each dawn and dusk with the Wild Dogs. I also wanted to thank each member of the Wildlife ACT Team that made this opportunity possible and specifically thank and recognize those who made my experience, and that of the other volunteers I shared my time with, especially memorable and inspirational.

Firstly, for patiently and sincerely answering my seemingly endless pre-departure inquiries, Bronwen Kelly. Despite thoroughly researching Wildlife ACT before deciding on coming, I had a number of specific options and questions that Bronwen answered expediently and comprehensively, in a friendly, helpful manner. This made a significant impact on my decision to come to Wildlife ACT, as her professionalism and efficiency gave me a good deal of confidence in the team’s validity and ethic, each step of the way.

Secondly, yet most importantly, our Wildlife Monitor, Cole du Plessis was an absolutely inspirational ambassador for Wild Dogs, the Mkhuze wildlife we encountered, and conservation in general. His focus and passion for his work and the Wild Dogs was impressive to each one of us. Cole set an excellent example with his solid work ethic, time management skills and incredible adaptability.

The most inspirational part of this whole experience, though for me, was being able to spend time with, learn about, and experience the Wild Dogs through Cole’s dedication, affection and enthusiasm for them.  I already had a great interest in the plight of the critically endangered African Wild Dog, but that was multiplied exponentially by the passion and breadth for which Cole performs his job.

Again, thank you all so much for the opportunity to be a part of this experience, for your commitment to the cause of conservation, and for the personal sacrifices you each make to run a great team on the front lines, dedicated to Real Conservation.

Kindest regards,