Samantha Lostrom – November 2014

06 Nov 2014 |

Hi guys,

My name is Sam Lostrom. I have just completed 6 weeks volunteering with Wildlife ACT and just wanted to say I cannot thank you enough for the amazing experiences I had.

I was so pleased to find how dedicated all the monitors were to conservation, how beneficial the projects were to the reserves and how hands on and educating the volunteering was. This volunteering has given me direction as an ecologist and allowed me to learn how to monitor species in terms of telemetry, camera trapping and searching without collars and creating ID kits (e.g. tracking). In addition monitors were always willing to teach us how to appreciate what we saw around us by helping us ID birds, telling us about the history of the reserve and the ecology of the area.

Besides all the education I received, I can confidently say that I experienced the most magnificent things of my life while with Wildlife ACT. I have always been passionate about animals and seeing the antelope, wild dogs, rhinos, big cats and elephants in such a natural way was breath-taking. Every day I was in awe of where I was and what I was doing, I was so motivated and happy to be there and am inspired to go on and start my own career in conservation.

I cannot thank you enough for not only educating volunteers like me, but for giving us experiences we will never forget. I wish you all nothing but the best for the years ahead. I know such an honest and dedicated organisiation like you will go far and only extend the fantastic research and conservation you are completing. I’ll be recommending you to my zoology friends if they ever decide to travel, and please don’t hesitate to notify me about any fundraising or awareness that needs to be raised.