Victoria Taylor (United Kingdom)

15 Apr 2021 |

An absolutely incredible experience. Wildlife ACT and the whole conservation team are welcoming, professional, friendly, proficient, and impeccably hardworking. Their dedication to their positions and the wildlife in the Park is inspiring.  The process was so smooth to book, and the team are so accommodating when it comes to transfers and taking time out to get Covid tests etc. Really excellent.

It is very clear that the work carried out by the teams informs the management processes of the reserve, and although a lot of the work is reactive rather than proactive, it is crucial to keeping these animals safe. Every big change takes millions of tiny acts of effort, and that is what these monitors are doing every day; doing their bit to ensure the safety of the individual animal, and sharing the knowledge and the compassion with volunteers and park visitors, to hopefully inspire others to also do their own tiny acts of effort.

Being present at the re-collaring of a cheetah was a major highlight! Absolutely amazing to be there during such a crucial part of the monitoring process. Thank you again to all the team for allowing us to be there.