Yvonne Havenga (The Netherlands)

18 Jan 2023 |

My experience was extremely positive – mostly inspired by the passion of the monitors and others working for Wildlife ACT. The sightings were just amazing. There were some unforgettable experiences and wonderful people. I find the information on the work of Wildlife ACT and the role of the volunteers, clearly explained. Yet (of course) you only know what it is like once you actually participate 🙂 I feel like we were so lucky. Every session we would see at least two special things – be it the Wild Dogs playing, Cheetahs fighting, Rhinos being very comfortable close to the car, a herd of 80 Elephants, about a 100 Vultures circling the air… I have a lot of respect and admiration for our monitor. He is an extremely patient person, which means he can deal with any type of volunteer. His calm manner and trustful nature also make one feel at ease and safe. And most of all, his love for all creatures great and small, shows.