Tree climbing lions in Tembe Elephant Park

Lions often climb trees to escape the heat or, like these young cubs, use the branches as a jungle gym! These great lion photographs were taken by Dennis King, a tourist at Tembe Elephant Park. We collect data from as many sources as possible as any information helps our monitoring projects. The vast majority of our data comes from the conservation volunteers and the monitoring sessions we do.

One of the lionesses we monitor, we’ve nicknamed, Tweedle Dee (or Dee for short), she has three cubs – two of them are pictured here in the tree with her, with the third laying low on the ground.

Dee in Tembe Elephant Park

Dee and her cubs in Tembe

In the same trip, Dennis managed to get a photo of Yeats, the son of Mufasa, who has suddenly sprouted the most amazing mane and seems to be following in his father’s footsteps and deemed for greatness.

Yeats - lion in Tembe Elephant Park

Yeats - lion in Tembe Elephant Park

Clinton Wright | Endangered Wildlife Monitor | Tembe Elephant Park