uMkuze Wild Dogs get massive boost! Researchers needed!

11 Mar 2009 |

Mkuze Wild Dogs get massive boost! Researchers needed!New Wild Dogs will be introduced onto Mkuze game reserve (part of Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife) in an attempt to ensure genetic diversity of these amazing animals. This is what is going to happen!

At the beginning of April 2009, Wildlife ACT volunteers will have an amazing experience, as more wild dogs will be brought to Mkuze by KZN Wildlife personnel. Single sex packs will be bonded in holding pens, before being released. Wildlife ACT desperately needs Students or Volunteers to help monitor all behaviour from start to post release! The other important thing is one or two of the females might be pregnant so they should den soon after release. So what could be perfect is someone to do a paper/dissertation on it, including a 2 month post release period that follows. So ideally we need 2 people here for at least 3 months. The project will start the beginning of April.

A vehicle will be allocated to the team of research volunteers to use to get to the holding pens and back each day, so this team will be independent from the main volunteering group to focus on the project! This really is an amazing opportunity to help collect data on the capture, integration and release of wild dogs (one of the most endangered species in the world) and their findings can contribute greatly to future such attempts. So, if you have any research background or experience, please contact us ASAP!