Volunteers witness Wild Dog killing a Kudu on Zimanga

The wild dogs main prey here on Zimanga Private Game Reserve in South Africa is warthog and smaller antelope species; impala and nyala. So when the pack managed to successfully take down an adult female kudu it was pretty spectacular to witness. Here is what Wildlife ACT conservation volunteer Bobby Lewis had to say about the experience!

‘While trying to hone in on exactly where are wild dogs were, I noticed a large female kudu well off in the distance.  It was immediately apparent she was struggling mightily to stay on her feet, trying to kick away from something in the long grass.  A closer look revealed the tops of the ears of our dogs working relentlessly to bring down an unusually massive meal!

We immediately drove to the scene and sat only ten meters away from the sights and sounds of ten determined wild dogs demolishing a large female kudu in a matter of 20 minutes!  Through all the chaos from start to finish, the dogs worked together as an unbelievable cohesive unit.  Each dog played a part in the kill, and each dog was entitled to their fair share of the prize they so deservingly won.  No bickering, no hesitations, no doubts, no selfishness; just trust within each other to continue doing the tasks that create such a highly complex and incredibly successful team.’

By: Bobby Lewis (WACT conservation Volunteer)

Volunteers: Lucio Fidél Ghielmini, Guillaume Sartoretti, Robert Lachmann, Fabio Spescha and Bobby Lewis

Thanks to Guillaume Sartoretti for the photos

With Coenraad Botha & Rebecca Hart

Zimanga Wild Dog Rebecca Hart