Wildlife volunteers experience déjà-vu in iMfolozi

Do you remember the ‘Leopard King’ proudly contemplating from his rock, the Warthog believing that he is a tree while standing in front of an African Painted Dog on the hunt and a Cheetah scent-marking up a tree before falling down?

Wildlife volunteers, Violette Castadot, Beinta Thomsen, Ingrid Erlandsen, and Rene and Magda Verhaar, along with iMfolozi monitor Antoine Marchal had few impressions of déjà-vu over the last week. Here are few pictures to refresh your mind and also to expose you the ‘déjà vu moment’ that our wildlife volunteers had in iMfolozi.

(1) ‘Leopard King’ versus ‘Lion King’

(2) ‘I’m a tree, I’m a tree (wild dog)’ versus ‘I’m a tree, I’m a tree (lion)’

(3) ‘Up a tree (cheetah)’ versus ‘up a tree (lion)’

Antoine Marchal | Endangered Wildlife Monitor | iMfolozi camp