Conservation and Habitat Management Course

This Wildlife ACT accredited online conservation course introduces participants to the most up-to-date, in-field conservation techniques and practices. Our Senior Monitor, Megan Hudson, introduces important aspects of Wildlife Monitoring, Camera Trapping, Tracking and Spoor, Conservation Management, Capture and Relocation, Wildlife Crime & Illegal Trade and Community Conservation.

With the lockdown and travel bans having resulted in us being unable to accept volunteers and students for most of 2020, we developed this online Conservation Training Course through Teachable Inc. This virtual version of our regular 4 week course in the field, still provides a stepping stone for nature lovers looking to possibly pursue a career in wildlife conservation. It includes a mix of live and pre-recorded classes and all course content and recorded sessions will be available to be completed at your own leisure.

Endangered & Priority Species Conservation & Habitat Management Course

Online Conservation COurse - Endangered & Priority Species Conservation & Habitat Management

Course Details:

Course Dates: Anytime Enrollment. The course begins once you sign up!

Duration: 4 Weeks

Platform: Teachable Inc.

Cost: €119 for the full, 4 week course

Eligibility: To anyone interested in endangered wildlife and habitats, the threats they are facing, and how to protect them.

Live Instructor Interaction Sessions at 16:00 Nairobi Time (GMT+3) on January: 12th and 26th; February: 9th and 23rd; March: 9th and 23rd; April: 6th and 20th

Quiz: The course will conclude with a final quiz, with certificates of completion provided.

Course Outline & Learning Hours:

  • Lecture 1 – Wildlife Monitoring Part 1
  • Lecture 2 – Wildlife Monitoring Part 2
  • Lecture 3 – Camera trapping
  • Lecture 4 – Track and sign
  • Lecture 5 – Conservation and Habitat Management part 1
  • Lecture 6 – Conservation and Habitat Management part 2
  • Lecture 7 – Capture and Relocation
  • Lecture 8 -Wildlife Crime and Illegal Trade part 1
  • Lecture 9 – Wildlife Crime and illegal trade part 2
  • Lecture 10 – Community Conservation
  • Quiz / Exam content

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Some Feedback from our Conservation Course Students

Chris Wharton (United Kingdom)

“Great! I was able to do it at my own pace and learned a lot. I loved the videos and being able to see what actually happens while you are out there.”

Ellie Smith (United States)

“I found this course really interesting and I learned so much from the lectures. All of the learning material was easily accessible and I loved how flexible it was. Thank you for running such an interesting and informative course! I would thoroughly recommend it to others.”

Carys Corry-Roberts

“Excellent! This was so well put together and covered such important material. It was the perfect amount of information that let me keep up with my knowledge, learn new things, and the weekly time commitment was not too much with a busy work schedule. Absolutely fabulous course!!”

Jan Kelway (United Kingdom)

“I loved the course! Really enjoyed all aspects of the course particularly the Habitat Management and Wildlife Crime lectures which filled in the bits we don’t see on the ground when volunteering.”

Annabel Walker (United States)

“I found the online conservation course really interesting and complementary to my Wildlife Conservation degree course.”

Damon Hoskin (South Africa)

“Thoroughly enjoyed every aspect, the course was extremely informative and very well put together!”

Sebastian Martinez Harris (Spain)

“The course content exceeded my expectations. One thinks to know somewhat about the subject, but I have learnt so much about these species and their habitats, that I was shocked at how I had not previously (truly) taken great interest for, nor focused on, the conservation efforts carried out in Africa.”

Cristina Silva Araújo

“An excellent experience that allowed me to obtain more knowledge pleasantly. Your motivation and commitment were fundamental for the success of the course and the growth of my interest in the topic. Very grateful. I want to thank the entire team for their efforts and a special thanks to Megan for sharing her knowledge so clearly. It is an essential course for those who want to learn because it gives well-structured bases on this topic.”

Florian Krueger (Germany)

“For me the online course was absolutely amazing, interesting and a lot of fun. I would have been one of the volunteers in July, so for me this was a very good way to learn more about the work you are doing. And it made it more comfortable to be at home. I’m sure, once I’m able to be onsite as a volunteer, this course will help me to understand the environment a lot better. To spend a lot of effort, passion, time and money to build up the online course, is a really special thing.”

Tara McKenney (Canada)

“Excellent. I truly enjoyed the lectures but most of all the Q&A to learn from others’ questions and have a sense of community with my classmates and Megan. She was friendly, upbeat and informed. I hated to see each Q&A session end!”

Lucia Ruiz Mut (Italy)

“I’m 100% satisfied with the course. I’m a graduate biologist and a future Wildlife Conservation MSc.’s student who aims to develop a future career in the bush so, for me, the course was super-inspiring and motivating. In addition to that, I found the course content very comprehensive and of super interesting. The materials were clear and appealing and Megan has been always at hand. I’m truly happy.”

Taylor Thoele (United States)

“Great! I learned so much that I had no previous knowledge of. although the species were African, I can translate the knowledge to North American species, by learning how to distinguish the different tracks/scats of African animals. I like being able to know which animal has been through a certain area and it’s a helpful tool for conservation efforts.”