Tracks & Signs: An Introduction for the Conservation Enthusiast

Tracking is a crucial skill within conservation management and a core aspect of Wildlife ACT’s on-the-ground operations, be this through monitoring and tracking technology, our support and partnering with K9 anti-poaching dog units and our ultlisation of the skills of incredible trackers. Perhaps you are a curious tracker or want to learn more about African wildlife, their tracks, scats & signs. This course will be your guide into building your awareness of the ground, aerial and vocal clues that surround us. Learn how you, a more knowledgeable tracker, can better contribute to the conservation of our protected areas.

In this course, Wildlife ACT takes the many years of experience from its oldest and its best trackers, and combines it into an introductory 4 week course taught by Megan Hudson and Hollie M’gog, two experienced field and experiential teaching personnel.

Online Conservation Courses - Tracks & Signs: An Introduction for the Conservation Enthusiast

Course Details

Course Dates:  Anytime Enrollment. The course begins once you sign up!

Duration: 4 Weeks

Platform: Teachable Inc.

Cost: €60 for the full, 4 week course. Discount offered to previous students.

Eligibility: To anyone interested in the science and art of wildlife tracking.

Live Instructor Interaction Sessions at 16:00 Nairobi Time (GMT+3) on January: 12th and 26th; February: 9th and 23rd; March: 9th and 23rd; April: 6th and 20th

Quiz: The course will conclude with a final online quiz, with certificates of completion provided.


Course Outline & Learning Hours:

Week One:

  • Your Study Notes
  • The Fundamentals of Track & Sign
  • Interpreting ethology signs and signals
  • Live Q&A
  • Quiz Information
  • Week One Quiz

Week Two:

  • Your Study Notes
  • Tracking techniques & scat indentification
  • Tracking Birds through pellets and prints
  • Live Q&A
  • Quiz Information
  • Week Two Quiz

Week Three:

  • Animal behaviours, signalling and communication
  • Tracking as a craft in antipoaching
  • Live Q&A
  • Quiz Information

Week Four:

  • Your Study Notes
  • Tracking with a Master Tracker
  • Reviewing and recapping our scene investigations
  • Live Q&A

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