Group Initiatives

4While one person on their own can make a difference, the collective impact of a group of passionate people can certainly change the world.

Are you a school, university, club or just a group of people who want to make a difference? Then read on as we show you how you can join us in conserving South Africa’s natural heritage.

1. Challenge4ACause: Sign up for our next Challenge4ACause and join a very unique fundraising initiative that allows groups to partake in wildly exciting mountain bike events across conservation areas that very few people ever get to visit. To tempt your taste buds last year’s team cycled through Damaraland in Namibia and Mashatu in Botswana.

2. Spread the word: By educating yourself about the plights of our black rhinos, African painted dogs, cheetahs and vultures, you can help us to spread the word. Assist us by educating family and friends about the issues that these endangered species face. Sign up to our newsletter and like our Facebook page. Don’t forget to follow our blog, which in real time will transport you into the field with our conservation team, as they work to save a snared African Wild Dog or transport black rhinos into more secure areas. Every like, every retweet and every comment helps us to make a difference.

3. Donate: From the purchasing of monitoring and lifesaving equipment, to the relocation of endangered species and the educating of local communities, every cent helps us in our fight to save these priority species. Contact us if your group would like to host a fundraising event on behalf of Wildlife ACT Fund or click here to make a donation, a donation that could help stop a species from becoming extinct.

4. Become an Activist: So you have educated yourself, liked our Facebook page, made a donation and perhaps even volunteered, but you still want to do more… then join us as a Wildlife ACT Fund Activist. Click Here to create your groups online Activist profile and help us to spread our message around the world.