Growing up in Durban I spent a lot of time on the beach and in nature reserves. Most of this time was in Cape Vidal, which has the best of both the bush and the ocean. Spending a few weeks every summer holiday in Cape Vidal sparked a passion of wanting to pursue a career where I could live and work in the bush.

I graduated from Rhodes University with a degree in Zoology and Geography. After obtaining this degree I interned in Greater Kruger to gain more practical knowledge in conservation and reserve management. This internship flowed into a full-time job assisting a reserve warden on a private reserve and exposed me to all aspects of life in a nature reserve. I left Kruger to continue my studies and am currently on the last steps of obtaining my honours degree in Environmental Monitoring and Modelling.

I am thrilled to continue my journey in the African bush with wildlife ACT and apply the skills I have developed to conserve the natural beauty of KZN.

How fortunate I am to have been given the incredible opportunity to work for an organisation I have spent so many years dreaming to be a part of. An organisation which is making a considerable difference each and every day in the conservation and preservation of some of the world’s most rare and endangered species. I grew up in Johannesburg where I always felt out of place, and I knew that I truly belonged in the outdoors.

After finishing school, I decided to complete my Diploma in Nature Conservation at Nelson Mandela University in the Western Cape. Thereafter, I completed my Bachelor of Technology in Game Ranch Management. Being able to complete these two qualifications opened my eyes to what real conservation is about and has given me opportunities to work in northern Botswana and in the northwest of South Africa. Each day that I have grown and matured as a conservationist, I realise more and more that we have a crucial duty and responsibility to protect these unique and special species. I am so grateful to be able to spend every waking moment dedicating my life to something I am so passionate about.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time in the Kloofendal Nature Reserve, which was right next to my grandparents’ house. My cousins and I would never miss an opportunity to persuade my grandfather to take us on a “guided walk” through the reserve. Since a young age, this has instilled in me a love for the natural world.

After school I graduated from Centurion Academy with a National Diploma in Nature Management and Tshwane University of Technology with a Bachelor of Technology degree in Nature Conservation. Along the way I earned my Level 1 Field Guide of South Africa qualification. During this period I assisted in several research projects, working in collaboration with The University of Witwatersrand, SANBI and WWF. I picked up valuable experience in reserve management and got exposed to the environmental education side of conservation. 

I am passionate about the conservation and management of southern African ecosystems, especially the overlooked and important role flora plays. I love working with people as it is our country’s greatest asset. I am looking forward to getting my hands dirty and learning from people that share my passion for the natural world.

Ever since I was a child, I have spent every moment dreaming of working in the bush, exactly like my grandfather. Although I did not grow up in the bush, I was always in the garden flipping rocks looking for creatures every day (it’s almost the same as what I do now as a monitor, except for being more professional while I do it).

I am very much a jack of all trades and have worked in a few different fields, but I’m very glad that I have settled doing something that I love every day and making a difference while doing it. It’s very exciting for me be to be joining such an amazing team of people and I look forward to meeting you all along the way.

A Capetonian now but a farm girl by heart. I grew up on a farm in the KZN Midlands and some of my fondest childhood memories are from my time in the Drakensberg. I’m an avid wildlife enthusiast and love being outdoors. Getting the opportunity to work for Wildlife ACT is hands-down a highlight of my career!

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Leopard & Whale Survey

Eastern Shores, South Africa

Leopard & Whale Survey

Eastern Shores, South Africa

A unique project which combines our ongoing work conducting the largest camera-trap based leopard census in the world, along with surveying the northward migration of Humpback Whales off the coast of Southern Africa to investigate population growth. *Please note that we have concluded our Whale Survey project and hope to run it again soon! Dates TBA

Requirements: For Ages: 18+