Prima Toys Rhino Coin Bank Campaign

For World Rhino Day 2017, Prima Toys joined forces Wildlife ACT to support one of South Africa’s most iconic and endangered wild creatures – the Rhino.

In past years Prima Toys and Pick n Pay have raised more than R500 000  through their Baby Rhino and Wild Pals soft toy promotions – funds which were used for the continued rescue and care of orphaned baby rhinos who are often forgotten in the fight against poaching. Once again we have joined forces with Prima Toys to ensure the safety of orphaned rhinos in South Africa. This is being achieved with the release of Rhino Coin Banks, which are allowing our children to take a vested interest in saving up to save our rhino populations.

Prima Rhino Coin Banks

R10 from the purchase of every Rhino Coin Bank will be donated to Wildlife ACT to help fund the capture and rehabilitation of baby rhinos who have been orphaned as a result of prolific poaching

“Prima Toys hopes to raise awareness of the rhino’s plight among younger generations while contributing R200 000 to this very worthy cause,” said Chiquita Patrizi, Marketing Executive at Prima Toys.

In addition to this very generous donation by Prima Toys, we hope to raise additional funds to support this ongoing work.

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The Rhino Coin Banks are currently available at all toy retailers in South Africa. Prima Toys also donated toy hampers valued at ZAR 1000 each, to 5 lucky boys and 5 lucky girls who donated online. Click the button above to be taken to the donation platform


Finding and safely capturing newly orphaned rhino can be a hard task. With very difficult terrain in Zululand, a helicopter is often needed as well as a capture team on the ground. With the funds raised, Wildlife ACT is able to sponsor the associated helicopter costs for these operations, which is a costly but essential part of rhino conservation.

Another portion of donations raised go to sponsoring baby rhino formulae, which is not cheap, but forms an important and much-needed part of their diet. A big thanks to all those who have already made a donation; you have helped keep these little chaps healthy and strong! Have you ever heard the sounds that baby rhinos make? Have a listen.

Due to the increased poaching pressure we are faced with, it has also become essential to upgrade the security of the bomas where the orphaned rhinos are being housed. Wildlife ACT uses donations to cover the costs of installing security systems with live camera feeds, allowing rhino caretakers to keep a watchful eye on the little ones 24/7 and ensure they are eating and staying strong. Our goal is to ensure that they remain healthy and safe until such a time when they can be reintroduced into the wild.

We cannot thank you enough for supporting the care of these precious baby rhino and hope that you continue to support us in the work which we are doing. We are forever grateful.

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