Conservation Volunteers Assist with Panthera Leopard Census

We’d like to thank each and every conservation volunteer who visited our Hluhluwe-iMfolozi camp in South Africa over this period. You made a substantial contribution to the Panthera Leopard Census. Your hard work and dedication has paid off and it is greatly appreciated by the whole Wildlife ACT team.

The Wildlife ACT conservation volunteers in Hluhluwe have been kept very busy with the fieldwork and administration for the Panthera Leopard Census in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park, South Africa. The census began on the 16th of February 2013, and ran for a period of 45 days (ending on the 2nd of April). Since this is the first of five such censuses that Wildlife ACT will be assisting Panthera with on an annual basis, it proved to be rather challenging to set it up and work out how the cameras operate. We were faced with many problems along the way, and it is thanks to the hard work and dedication of the conservation volunteers and monitors from both of the Wildlife ACT projects in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park during this time that we were able to eventually pull it off!

A HUMUNGOUS thanks to the following conservation volunteers, most of who were captured by the Panthera field cameras – Emma Ivinson, Jenna Berndt, Lauren Oliver, Dominique Correa, Jenny Kiley, Erin Kiley, Belinda Tomas, Ashley Cassano, Richard Hayward, Joe Corder, Katie Robertson, Lizzie Hide, Rene Verhaar, Magda Verhaar, Cindy Sacany, Kimberley Cronan, Romy Oomen, Melinda Carstensen, Sabrina Carstensen, Violette Castadot, Beinte Thomsen, Ingrid Erlandsen, Tom Balague, Jorn Stevens, Sibylle Schlieper, Reto Brunner, Cynthia Graf, Laura Panzera, Marco Anthamatten and Petra Schafer.

Our Volunteers Assisting with Panthera Leopard Census!

Conservation Volunteers Assist with Panthera Leopard Census Conservation volunteer Antoine, Lizzie and Kimberley

Antoine Marchal, Lizzie Hide and Kimberley Cronan

Conservation volunteer Beinta - Conservation Volunteers Assist with Panthera Leopard Census

Beinta Thompsen

Conservation volunteer Cindy - Panthera Leopard Census

Cindy Sacany

Conservation volunteer Emma Melinda, Sabrina and Romy - Panthera Leopard Census

Emma Ivinson, Melinda Carstensen, Sabrina Carstensen and Romy Oomen

Conservation volunteer Emma - Panthera Leopard Census

Emma Ivinson

Conservation volunteer Ingrid - Panthera Leopard Census

Ingrid Erlandsen

Conservation volunteer Joe and Katie - Panthera Leopard Census

Joe Corder and Katie Roberston

Conservation volunteer Jorn - Panthera Leopard Census

Jorn Stevens

Conservation volunteer Katie and Ashley - Panthera Leopard Census

Katie Robertson and Ashley Cassano

Conservation volunteer Lizzie - Panthera Leopard Census

Lizzie Hide

Conservation volunteers Magda and Rene

Magda and Rene Verhaar

Conservation volunteer marco Cynthia and Antoine

Marco Anthamatten, Cynthia Graf and Antoine Marchal

Conservation volunteer Reto

Reto Brunner

Conservation volunteer Sibylle Reto Jorn and Marumo

Sibylle Schlieper, Reto Brunner, Jorn Stevens and Marumo Nene

Conservation volunteer Tom

Tom Balague

Conservation volunteer Violette - Panthera Leopard Census

Violette Castadot