Challenge4ACause is a truly unique mountain-biking expedition that takes you through the rugged beauty of the Namib-desert landscape, all in support of endangered species conservation and community development.

Cycling 400km over the course 6 days, Challenge4Acause lets you explore within 2.5 million hectares of the most isolated wilderness on the planet – renowned for its vast expanses, striking terrain and distinctive wildlife. Every rider that has taken up the Challenge will tell you how it has been one of their best wilderness experiences.

Up to 18 riders are able to join this unique event – fully supported by our professional and highly experienced outdoor event team. The back-up team as well as a technician are on hand to look after the bikes during each day of the challenge. You can bring your own bike or hire a bike directly from our ground team who maintain the bikes at the end of each day. Riders stay in fully-equipped, free camp tents set up by our support team, with all meals and drinks catered for.

You’ll be in the saddle for as much as 5 to 7 hours a day, so if you are generally fit, have sound mountain-biking skills, and want the experience of a lifetime, then you should definitely take up the Challenge.

“This expedition gives you unprecedented access to one of the most inimitable wilderness areas in the world. Riding alongside truly breath-taking landscapes, you can expect to encounter wildlife including Zebra, Springbok, Oryx, Giraffe, Rhino, Hyena and Elephant. You might even hear lions calling in the distance while in camp. Damaraland is a place where you can be truly inspired, and gain perspective on our place on this planet.”

~ Johan Maree, Co-founder: Wildlife ACT

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