Anel Olivier

Operations Manager North, Research Coordinator & Vulture Conservation Programme Manager

Coming from a family that loves camping, I’ve gained a deep appreciation for nature and an understanding for our role in it. Ever since a passionate, young female ranger took the 11-year-old me on an unforgettable night drive in the Kalahari, my eyes have been opened to the possibilities of my future and there was no turning back. This motivated me to finish my degree in BSc Conservation Ecology at Stellenbosch University.

From there, with an insatiable longing for the bushveld, I went off to Limpopo where I completed a year-long professional field guiding course. This fully equipped me with all the skills needed for ‘bush-life’ and challenging work in wild places. I then went on to graduate with an MSc on the Ecology of Black Rhino after 15 months of adventurous fieldwork in a remote reserve in Malawi. Now I have the privilege of contributing to real conservation while living out my childhood dream with Wildlife ACT.