Scott Christensen

Wildlife ACT Trustee

I was first introduced to Wildlife ACT while biking in Namibia with Jo Maree and David Ryan several years ago and have become increasingly involved with its work ever since.

I grew up in Minnesota, which instilled a deep affinity for the great outdoors, and I’ve always had a passion for history and geography. While working on my PhD in the social sciences at the University of Wisconsin I developed an interest in how differing societies organize to resolve collective problems – initially focusing on agricultural policy and resource management in Asia. After 4 years in public policy research, I transitioned into investment banking and spent 25 years as a financial analyst and director of Asian equity research at JP Morgan.

Decades of managing talented people and working with emerging companies have lent perspectives on building successful organizations and making external impact. I also draw upon a 12-year term on the board of a large international school, where I oversaw fundraising for capital projects and the development of an endowment fund. I’ve been visiting Africa regularly since 2012 and am fortunate now to spend more time on conservation issues I care deeply about.