February 24, 2015

Leopard vs Maribu Stork in Okavango Delta

Another unbelievable leopard sighting was enjoyed by Wildlife ACT Botswana students recently!A female leopard was sighted in the shade of a tree intently staring at a Maribu Stork about 100m away from her. The bird, totally unaware of the leopard, was busy preening itself. The leopard swiftly stalked up on its prey and the Maribu took too long to notice the stealthy felid! Unfortunately, it did not end well for the stork!This is one of the most unusual leopard sightings we have ever had and proves yet again just how opportunistic this predator is.

Leopard stalks and kills Maribu Stork!

leopard maribu stork botswana
leopard maribu stork botswana

Photo credit: Lizzy DabekFind out more about the Khwai Community Concession & join us in BOTSWANA >>>