Volunteer Diaries
September 1, 2014

Life in the Zululand Rhino Reserve isn’t always glamorous

If you are expecting long, warm, power showers… you are sadly mistaken! At Zululand Rhino Reserve (South Africa) our idea of a warm shower is a solar shower...for now!

Solar Shower Zululand Rhino Reserve

As you can see, water supply is limited, therefore you can only have a short shower (so boys and girls you can’t wash your hair everyday with your 1000s of shampoos and conditioners). That is if you don’t want to be hated by your campmates…respect the distribution of the water.At Zululand Rhino Reserve we only have three solar showers to share up to six people, which gives you an idea of the water usage.We must add, that if it is a cloudy day there is not enough sunlight to heat up the water in the solar shower. So our volunteers have two options…have a cold shower or no shower at all.The weather can also affect the amount of electricity we have so when we come back from a long day in the bush we sit outside by the fire and have a BBQ in order to conserve our electricity. A torch can also come in very useful around the camp.This is really good for the environment as we are conserving the limited water and electricity in the area. In conjunction the camp also has a gas powered fridge, freezer, oven and stove.SO...thank you:We are in the process of setting up this project and fixing up the house, which was an abandoned old farmhouse. Having limited water resources in Zululand means that there have been some rough 'camping' conditions for our volunteers and monitors.We want to thank the past and present ZRR teams for their understanding and patience and all their hard work that's gone into improving the house and garden, we appreciate it!Written by conservation volunteers Charlotte Moore and Bettina PaarPhotograph by Michelle Swemmer