Wild Dog Conservation
May 12, 2014

Meet the Zimanga Wild Dogs!

Unfortunately, African wild dogs are so endangered that conservation groups must manage a basic process that they can no longer do themselves. Packs of wild dog would normally divide and reform naturally, but Zimanga Private Game Reserve in South Africa, is only able to support one pack.These three male sub-adults, have reached the age when they would normally separate from their mother's pack. These Zimanga wild dogs have been darted and moved to an enclosure for transport to a new home, where they will hopefully join a new pack. This prevents any possibility of the bloodline back-crossing.During the waiting period, Wildlife ACT staff and conservation volunteers monitor the wild dogs at least once a day, visually checking their health and making sure they have water. Feeding days are, of course, the most special. The sub-adults dine on warthog, impala, and other delicious game thrown over the fence.Post by conservation volunteer Todd MarklePhotos by conservation volunteer Olivier Doupagne and wildlife monitor Craig Bateman

The Zimanga Wild Dogs

Zimanga Wild Dogs Sub-Adults Feeding
Zimanga Wild Dogs Sub-Adults
Wild dog Zimanga Sub-Adult
Wild dog Zimanga Volunteers
Zimanga Wild Dogs Sub-Adults Behind Fence