Wild Dog Conservation
January 17, 2013

The Wild Dog pups of Tembe Elephant Park

Wildlife volunteers Paule Garnero, Jon Bennet, Monika Bishof, Jütta Schönheim and Petra Jahrreeah were the first humans to ever lay eyes on the Wild Dogs pups in Tembe Elephant Park. Having avoided the roads for almost two months – it was wonderful to see how healthy and alert the six pups were. Poofy, the alpha female, lived up to her potential of being an excellent mother. The photographs collected from the conservation volunteers will be used in building ID kits for the six newcomers – and the data collected going toward vital research being done on these beautiful pups.We first need to sex the pups before we give them each a nickname. By giving them a nickname, it's easier for our monitors to identify the individuals in the pack. Click here to leave your nickname suggestions: bit.ly/W9d8zq

Poofy and the Wild Dog pups
Wild Dog pup
Wild Dog pups in the morning

Albie photograph by Paule Garnero. Others are a collection from Jon Bennet, Monika Bishof, Jütta Schönheim and Petra Jahrreeah.Clinton Wright | Endangered Wildlife Monitor | Tembe Elephant Park