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April 30, 2014

Zimanga Sightings: Cheetah & Wild Dog Kill!

Yet another amazing week at Zimanga Private Game Reserve is coming to an end and that just means we have another one to look forward to. Every week there will always be one or two sightings that really stand out.This week the conservation volunteers at Zimanga in South Africa were blessed with two sightings that you don’t get to see every day, we got to see our pack of wild dogs take down a warthog, we unfortunately just missed the actual kill but we could hear everything. We then sat 20m from the wild dogs and watched them enjoy their meal.

Zimanga Sightings: Wild Dog Kill

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Zimanga Sightings: Wild Dog Kill

Wild dogs on a kill.[/caption]We were then fortunate to watch Zimanga's male cheetah Kalahari feed on a nyala just a few meters from the vehicle. He wasn't too worried about anything else except enjoying his prize.

Zimanga Sightings: Cheetah Kill

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Zimanga Sightings: Cheetah Kill Zimanga Cheetah kill.

Cheetah on an nyala kill.[/caption]With so many incredible sightings, there is no better place to experience them but at Zimanga Private Game Reserve - set in the beautiful Zululand.

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Post by Wildlife Monitor Graeme Stewart