Wildlife Volunteer Application Form (Test)

Thank you for your interest in supporting Real Conservation work to help save our Endangered Species!

By filling out this form you are not committed to making any payments, so submitting an application is just a great way to make sure you are happy with everything before you make a final decision about joining us in Africa.

We offer a discount to returning volunteers and South African citizens.

Please note that we are not currently accepting any further applications for the 2023 Leopard Survey, and encourage participation in our award winning Endangered Species programme. However, if you are particularly interested in the Leopard Survey please motivate your request by contacting danielle@wildlifeact.com
PLEASE NOTE: Participants on our Seychelles Project must be between 21 and 60 years of age
Examples: Current studies/profession, hobbies, other volunteer or travel experiences. Let us know if you have any questions about conservation volunteering in Africa.
PLEASE NOTE: The more information you supply, the better equipped we will be to co-ordinate placements and participants. Please bear in mind that living and working closely as a team may also be mentally/emotionally demanding. You know yourself and any limitations you may have, best. Your honesty in response to this question affects your safety (and the safety of your fellow participants) while participating in the monitoring work. Failure to disclose any potentially important information could result in hazardous situations in this wild and unpredictable environment in which we work. Extreme cases, in which the program is compromised through failure to divulge this information, could result in participants being asked to leave without a refund.
Timing & Placement

Please select two tentative start dates that you are considering to join us. Dates start every second Monday.
PLEASE NOTE: The minimum duration on the Seychelles Project is 4 Weeks, and maximum duration 8 Weeks

Please Note: The opportunity to volunteer on multiple game reserves depends on the length of your stay. If you volunteer with us for two weeks, you’ll experience only one game reserve. For every additional two weeks that you volunteer with us, you will get a chance to experience other game reserves. Once bookings fill up, placements will be made based on where there are spaces available.

Although we do our best to keep to the planned schedule once bookings are confirmed, all placements are subject to change should there be a specific need at any time.