Megan Hudson

Operations Manager South, and Conservation Course & Training Manager

Since childhood I’ve had a powerful pull towards the wild after numerous family trips throughout South Africa. Growing up visiting reserves has been one of the most eye-opening experiences and has had a huge impact on my becoming a conservationist.

I followed this path through my schooling where I completed a BSc Honours in Conservation Ecology through Stellenbosch University. I had the opportunity to carry out my thesis with the Cape Leopard Trust, which was an enriching experience as well as a great movement into the conservation corridor.

As my passion for the outdoors continued to grow and after half a year exploring a bit of the Northern hemisphere, I came across the opportunity to join the Wildlife ACT team, which I jumped at with both feet. I’m excited to put all the knowledge I gained through university to use in the practical field – a place where I know I will be making a difference.