September 27, 2012

Southern Africa's largest Tuskers together in Tembe Elephant Park

Conservation volunteer Duncan Huleatt-James was EXTREMELY fortunate enough to take this picture of the two biggest Tembe tuskers together. The older and larger Isilo (King of Kings) with the younger and healthier Mkadebona (He who has seen much). Seeing both together has rarely happened and a great opportunity to compare the two wonderful animals, which is not always so easy out in the field, and affords Leonard, the elephant monitor, the chance to check sizes and estimates between the two legends of Tembe Elephant Park.Clinton Wright | Tembe Elephant Park | Wildlife Monitor[caption id="attachment_507" align="aligncenter" width="669"]

Tembe tuskers elephants Isilo and Mkadebona

Isilo and Mkadebona[/caption]