Wildlife ACT Fund
May 5, 2014

Rhino Africa Commits Half a Million Rand to Wildlife ACT

We’d like to thank our headline sponsors, Rhino Africa Safaris for unbelievable support over the last few years. We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Rhino Africa has committed half a million Rand towards Wildlife ACT Fund in 2014.Raising funding for tracking collars, tracking equipment and vehicles is difficult enough, but to raise funds for field staff salaries (which many donors see as “overheads”) almost seems impossible at stages. But Rhino Africa has done exactly that: Keeping our field staff on the ground, working to save endangered species in the field each day.

Rhino Africa Fieldwork
David Ryan, MD of Rhino Africa, joined our team last year to experience our field staff in action in Zululand, South Africa – please watch the video below.

Video Comment: "A small hole is drilled into the rhino horn (not the foot) in order to get a sample of DNA. What might be mistaken for drilling into the foot is actually the attaching of a radio transmitter collar to the rhino's foot. The transmitter is attached to the animal's foot as putting it around the animal's neck can agitate it and cause irritation. It's far safer and more comfortable on the foot.Join Rhino Africa Safaris on their passion driven journey to Connect With Africa and help save Africa's endangered species. Our valued clients enable us to use tourism revenue to drive this positive change.