Nature Conservation Programs in the Seychelles

This unique Tropical Island Conservation Project will allow you to live in close harmony with nature, far from the outside world. Numerous unique animals have evolved in this safe haven, which is why this piece of paradise has been identified as a biodiversity hot-spot and a region of international importance. North Island offers unlimited opportunities for retreating to magical spots where you can enjoy being far away from the rest of the world and with these species in your spare time – either in solitude or with others.

Volunteering in the Seychelles

A passionate team of experienced workers and researchers has devoted itself to protecting the natural environment of the Seychelles. As a volunteer, you will be fully integrated into their activities – working mainly in the natural environment and marine coastal area. Apply to join our Seychelles volunteering project here.

The Seychelles are home to a variety of endemic and unusual animal and plant species. Nature conservation organizations in the Seychelles are combining nature conservation with ecotourism in order to finance ecosystem restoration measures. This led to the launch of a number of nature and species conservation projects, in which volunteers work hand-in-hand with locals to protect the natural environment. Conservation volunteers eat together in the staff canteen. All meals (3 per day) are provided and four times a week participants are able to purchase snacks from the staff shop. The Environment Office has Internet access (WiFi), but only for email purposes.

History of North Island Conservation

When North Island was abandoned as a plantation in the 1970’s following the collapse of the coconut industry, many unwanted and invasive species of flora and fauna remained behind such as coconuts, casuarina trees, cows, rats, pigs, Indian Mynah birds, cats, barn owls and an especially invasive weed called lantana. After the alarm bell had been sounded by prominent ecologists, Wilderness Safaris undertook the challenge of not only reversing the Island’s decline but of taking the long road towards the restoration of the Island to its former glory. One of the first steps was to remove the livestock and then eradicate the invasive rat population, so that the island could be repopulated naturally by nesting sea birds – North Island proudly continues to maintain its ‘rat free’ status. A cornerstone of this bold restoration has been the “Noah’s Ark” concept by which rare and endemic birds are gradually being re-introduced to the Island along with rare and indigenous trees like the takamama, badamier and the legendary coco-de-mer palm. The on-going process of conservation is at the very heart of North Island’s philosophy.

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Marine Conservation Volunteering

North Island, Seychelles

Marine Conservation Volunteering

North Island, Seychelles

Our Seychelles volunteer project focuses on three key aspects: Endangered Species monitoring, Marine Conservation and Ecosystem Restoration. For a unique ecotourism experience which allows you to give something back by supporting a dedicated conservation research and volunteer team on a private tropical island paradise, come and support those volunteering in the Seychelles. Ecotourists live and experience land and marine conservation life on the exclusive North Island in the Seychelles – considered by many to be the most beautiful archipelago in the world with its luminous white beaches, granite outcrops and azure oceans.

Requirements: Ages: 21 - 60